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GPS Cable Seal - The future of High Security Seals



An Intelligent E-lock for mobile assets management solutions, boasts the tiny size, easy installation and low cost which supports GPS.

Real-time tracking information for assets and remote changing of product's configuration are available. Coupled with rechargeable or disposable Li-ion battery, JT707 can be re-used or one-time-used, which is a set of safe, intelligent and convenient

solutions for mobile assets management.

Function Introduction


Remote Tracking of Device's Status

Device's status can be captured by means of real-time tracking, such as speed, direction, GPS location and status of lock rope, which secures the shipping in amore efficient way.

Smart Working Mode

Device in sleep can be waken up by inserting or cutting rope. It would be convenient for clients to be kept informed of assets location and other status by uploading real-time data, which enables them act accordingly and secures the reliability in transit. Power-saving mode will be activated by default if the device

is disconnected for a long time.

Status of Lock Rope

Real-time Status of lock rope will be uploaded on user platform, following the GPS data as well. It would be crystal clear for clients to be kept informed of the current assets status; The rope-cut will be counted which enables a maximum use for clients.

You can directly use our products when you receive the package from us.

1) Insert lock rope to activate the device

2) Log in the platform to check status

3)Throw device away when device finish the journey



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